The ETFO Collective Agreement for Peel Teachers: What You Need to Know

The Elementary Teachers` Federation of Ontario (ETFO) represents over 83,000 teachers across the province, including those in the Peel Region. Negotiating collective agreements with school boards is a crucial aspect of ETFO`s work, as these agreements determine teachers` salaries, benefits, and working conditions. If you`re a teacher in Peel, it`s essential to understand your collective agreement and what it means for your career. In this article, we`ll break down the key features of the ETFO collective agreement for Peel teachers.

Salary and Compensation

One of the primary concerns for any teacher is their salary and compensation. The ETFO collective agreement sets out a salary grid that correlates years of experience with salary levels. In Peel, this means that teachers can expect a starting salary of approximately $48,000, which increases each year until it reaches a maximum of around $100,000 after ten years. There are also additional salary increases for teachers who complete additional qualifications, such as a Master`s degree or an additional teaching subject. Teachers can also receive bonuses for working in high-needs schools or taking on additional duties.

Benefits and Working Conditions

The ETFO collective agreement also includes provisions for teachers` benefits and working conditions. Teachers in Peel are entitled to a comprehensive benefits package that includes health, dental, and vision care, as well as life insurance and long-term disability insurance. Teachers can also take advantage of sick leave, personal leave, and maternity/parental leave, depending on their circumstances. The collective agreement also sets out provisions for class sizes, preparation time, and workload, which can greatly impact teachers` ability to provide quality education to their students.

Professional Development

The ETFO collective agreement recognizes the importance of ongoing professional development for teachers. As such, teachers in Peel are entitled to paid professional development days and opportunities to participate in workshops, conferences, and other learning opportunities. The Peel school board also offers additional professional development opportunities specifically tailored to the needs of their teachers.

Union Representation

ETFO represents all teachers in Peel and offers support and advocacy services to its members. Teachers can turn to their local union representatives for help resolving workplace issues or filing grievances. ETFO also provides legal assistance and representation for its members, including support for workplace accidents or harassment.

In conclusion, the ETFO collective agreement for Peel teachers sets out important provisions related to salary, benefits, working conditions, professional development, and union representation. Understanding your collective agreement is essential for ensuring that you receive fair compensation and support in your career as a teacher. If you have any questions or concerns about your collective agreement, consider reaching out to your local ETFO representative for guidance.