As an employee on a fixed term contract, you might be wondering what your future holds. Will your contract be extended or will it come to an end once it reaches its expiration date? If you`re hoping to stay on long-term, you may be wondering if your fixed term contract will become permanent. In this article, we`ll discuss the possibility of turning a fixed term contract into a permanent position.

First, it`s important to understand the difference between a fixed term contract and a permanent position. A fixed term contract is an employment agreement that has a set end date. It could be anything from a few months to a few years, depending on what the employer and the employee agree upon. On the other hand, a permanent position has no set end date and is meant to be a long-term employment arrangement.

So, can a fixed term contract become permanent? The answer is yes, but it`s not a guarantee. In some cases, an employer may offer a permanent position to an employee whose fixed term contract is about to expire. However, this isn`t always the case, as budget constraints or changes in the company`s needs may mean that they cannot offer a permanent position at the time.

If you`re hoping to turn your fixed term contract into a permanent position, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. First, make sure you`re doing an excellent job in your current role. This means meeting or exceeding your targets, getting positive feedback from clients or colleagues, and ensuring that your work is of a high standard. You should also communicate with your manager or supervisor about your desire to stay on after your contract ends. This will give them an idea of your intentions and may help them to consider you for a permanent position if one becomes available.

Another way to increase your likelihood of being offered a permanent position is to network within the company. Attend company events, socialize with colleagues, and take on additional responsibilities where possible. This will help you to build relationships with decision-makers in the company and may make them more likely to consider you for a permanent position.

In conclusion, a fixed term contract can become permanent, but it`s not a guarantee. It`s important to do an excellent job in your current role, communicate your intentions to management, and network within the company to increase your chances of being offered a permanent position. Remember that even if a permanent position isn`t available at the time, it`s still important to make the most of your time on the fixed-term contract and gain valuable experience and skills that will benefit you in the long term.